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January 14, 2013
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It was a beautiful day,you decided, the sakura were in bloom and it was perfect weather for a nice sun bathing nap. You flicked your tail happily as you walked around your master's house heading for the garden ready to have a nice relaxing day full of naps. Little did you know, two red feline eyes were following your every move.

You finally made it to your napping spot, you quickly curled up and proceeded to fall asleep. Across the garden 2P!Japancat watched you sleep with a plan forming in his devious little head. He liked you very much, but you refused to acknowledge his feelings time and time again, he wanted you whether you liked it or not. 2P!Japancat quietly padded over to your napping spot and looked down into your peacefully sleeping face, he had hoped for you to love him as he did you but you simply refused to, thinking he was evil as everyone had said. Those male cats always wanting _____ for themselves, always getting in the way of their future. He growled at the thought of those dirty male cats near his precious _____ but realized to late he had awoken ______ in his growl of anger.

You woke up to the sound of a growl next to you, you jumped awake searching for the source of it and met eyes oh so familiar to you. The eyes you were told to fear, the cat you were told to stay away from, 2P!Japancat sat before you and your little kitty heart started to race. Yes you had been told to fear him and hate him but you could never bring yourself to do so, he captivated you in a way no other male ever did, but you were always too scared to accept his affection because you knew he was indeed dark. "2P!Japancat, why are you here?" you asked curiously as he still stared intensely at you. "______, I have come to just talk", you were confused indeed most of the time he would just try to catnap you but he seemed different today. "Well then ok" you said hesitantly "Lets talk", he trotted closer to you and sat down beside you saying nothing, just staring at you. You started to freak out thinking he was going to kill you but then he did something unexpected, he scooted close and started to rub his head into you as a sign of affection. He had NEVER done that, he'd just try to drag you to his home but never cuddled. You stood stiff not wanting to jinx the sweetness of the moment, eventually though you relaxed and snuggled into the black cat's side very content at how sweet he was being. "______" he purred as he looked down at you, "Yes?" you answered nuzzling into him enjoying his purring, "You're my property now~" he purred as he fell asleep by your side.You felt a chill run up and down your spine, but you weren't quite sure it was a good or bad feeling,just going with the flow you started to drift to sleep beside your big black scary 2P!Japancat hoping that when you woke up you wouldn't be locked in his house.

PICTURE BELONGS TO :iconcatsmoothie:
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anonymous2003 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Student Writer
2p japan neko kawaii! :iconfangasmingplz:
italyisadolphin Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
2p!Japancat is a stalker!!! 0.0
BrokenCupcakes Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
XD i love that icon! the Yeah  just kills me XDDD
KiraWolf54 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ish... Ish so cute!!! 
dudea1 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Aww cute! In a weird way...
Romacat Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
This is exactly how I feel about 2p Japan! I'm intrigued and infatuated with him but I also get scared of him as well! You confuse me but I love it!
ilovefurrsuits123 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You should do a 2p neko prussia :iconnekoprussiaplz:
mochi8910 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
"and your little kitty heart started to race~" >___< Oh mai gawsh da cuteness~!!! XD
japanxcanadaforever Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah 2p! Japan cat! I am your property! *runs off to go play with 2p! Japan cat*
Anyway, I loved this story and I love cats! This was perfect!
MikuHatsune1342 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
what does 2P mean?
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