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February 22, 2013
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 The two of you had reached your destination and you looked around awestruck with what you were seeing around you. It was the most gorgeous meadow you had ever seen in your kitty life, there were small wild flowers everywhere and soft grass to sun bathe in not to mention the lovely sound of calming silence giving the place a feeling of outer worldliness. You scampered out to the middle of the field and just soaked up the beauty of this amazing place, never wanting to leave.

     2P!Germouser looked upon ____ with amusement and wonder as he watched her frolic through his safe haven, it seemed appropriate that ____ should be here seeing as she matched the beauty of the surroundings. Chuckling he trotted over to where she was and meowing "So you like it here _____?" She turned around and beamed up into his whiskered face and he felt his heart jump out of his furry chest, she was so cute he wanted to curl up and keep her here forever.


     "Yes! It's so beautiful here, so unlike the city" you replied thankful to 2P!Germouser for sharing such a beautiful place with you, something started to happen in your chest when you saw him and you had no inkling to what it could be; but you knew it was good. You leaned over and tapped him on the nose giggling as you quickly mewled "Wanna play a game?", he looked shocked but nodded his head and you quickly explained the rules. "Close your eyes and count to ten, then come and try to find me!" he nodded and turned around hiding his face in his paws and started to count, _____ giggled at him and ran off to hide in some bush.

2P!Germouser indulged _____ in her game, he liked seeing her giggle as she did and he wanted her to do that forever, even if it meant playing childish games with her. He got up to 10 and quickly sniffed the air making sure she had not run from him, she had not, and he quickly trotted close to where she was hiding though letting her believe she had evaded him. He chuckled when he saw her tail wiggle from beneath the bush, she was not to good at hiding, all the more reason 2P!Germouser thought he should protect his precious _____.

He quickly rounded around the bush to take her by surprise, he slowly stalked silently towards her back until he was right behind her ear. "Found you frau" he purred into her ear and laughed when she jumped up to turn around in panic, then to calm down when it was only him. She giggled and did something unexpected, she nuzzled into his side and purred in comfort as if to say thank you for the game. He looked down at her with worry, "Frau are you not frightened by me like all your other friends?" he asked slowly as if scared by the answer he might receive. She laughed and said into his side "Why would anybody be afraid of you? You're the sweetest cat I have ever met", and she flounced off back into the middle of the field leaving a shocked 2P!Germouser behind her. He smiled as he trotted over to her, maybe he had finally found his match.
HEY PEOPLE, sequelllllllllllllllll :iconawedanceplz::iconawedance2plz:
ok so I was thinking, and I am up for art trades anytime people, I work better with motivation

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