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January 26, 2013
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You arrived the next day to the pretty bakery in hopes to see your new friend Ollie, you ran through the cat door and spotted him quickly on the other side of the bakery playing with his tail in boredom. Ollie looked up from his tail and beamed with happiness as he saw ____ standing there, he quickly jumped up and greeted her properly (like a gentlecat)."Oh hello there poppet! How are you doing on this fine day?" Ollie inquired, you grinned and meowed "I'm doing very well thank you,by the way, the cupcake was absolutely delicious yesterday" and you rubbed up against him showing your appreciation causing Ollie to become bashful and play with his tail. You giggled at him and asked "What do you want to do today?" he pondered for a few moments and then jumped up happily saying "I could let you meet my master, he's a very chipper master if I do say so~" You smiled and agreed, wanting to meet the person who made such a marvelous cupcake.

Ollie walked into the back kitchen of the bakery with you where you both saw Ollie's master skipping around in a pink apron making more cupcakes.Ollie meowed and his master turned around to look at you two before squealing and running over,scooping you up into his arms and hugging you. "Ohhhhhhhh, such a pretty little girl kitty! She's absolutely adorable!" Ollie's master said with much glee as he set you down before turning to Ollie, "You better be a gentleman with her, and keep her away from those mean old stray cats, ok?" Ollie nodded and his master shooed you two out of the kitchen as he pulled a batch of pink cupcakes out of the oven.

Ollie and you trotted around the block just chatting happily about this and that, and you began to realize you really like Ollie, you grew embarrassed at the thought as you looked at the attractive male cat go on and on about how good tuna cupcakes were. "Hey Ollie?" you said as you both sat down under a random tree resting from the trotting you two were doing, he looked up and smiled flicking his tail happily "Yes,____?" You smiled nervously back and shakily said "Y-You know, I-I'm really glad I met you, you make me happy" you quickly turned away from his intense neon blue stare, feeling weird for admitting something so sudden.

You felt Ollie stand up and walk closer to you scooting up right next to you to were you could feel his whiskers tickle your ears, "______" Ollie meowed quietly next to your ear, and you shivered slightly as you turned up to look at his face. "I really like you _____, you make me happy too" he said quietly as he bopped his nose on yours, you melted instantly and smiled up at your Ollie as he smiled down at his ______. You two just stared into each others eyes savoring the moment till Ollie stiffened and puffed up, abruptly getting up and standing in front of you. "Ollie?" you asked, frightened by his sudden change in demeanor, then you heard other voices "Yo Pinky! Who ya' got hiding behind you,aru~?" Ollie hissed and growled "Get away 2P!Chinacat, she is mine"  You peeked over to see a evil looking cat sneering at you, "Ohhhhhh,she's pretty Ollie~ Mind if I try her, aru~" Ollie growled and got puffier as the evil cat started to get closer. You started to get up when there was a dark brown and blonde blur in front of Ollie. "What do you think your doing, eh?" the blonde one said, and 2P!Chinacat started to back up outnumbered. The brown one growled at him till he backed up and ran down the street, then the two huge male cats turned to Ollie and _____, you got up and stood next to Ollie frightened by the two huge cats. "Don't worry poppet, these are my friends" Ollie explained "2P!Canacat, and 2P!Americat" they both nodded to you and you calmed down a bit.

"2P!AMERICATTTTTTT!!!!!!!" you heard a female cat screech, and the brown one looked frightened then said his goodbyes before running off to a very pissed female cat."Honey? I'm hungry" you saw a very pregnant female come up to 2P!Canacat and he sighed "Let's go get some tuna then" before leaving you and Ollie alone. Ollie came up and nuzzled you, you nuzzled back happily, "_____, will you come and see me tomorrow?" Ollie asked nervously as you two sat curled up on each other, you laughed and said "Will there be cupcakes?" he nodded eagerly and you answered "Then yes I will" He sighed "Are you only coming for the cupcakes?" You pretended to think about it for a moment before saying "You know, there is a really cute guy cat who I like, he usually hangs around the bakery so I simply must be there more often" you looked over to the bashful Ollie before nuzzling into is furry neck and falling asleep. Ollie looked down at ______ truly happy that you'd become his friend, or more, he'd have to ask his master to make him tuna cupcakes more often.
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