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January 15, 2013
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"Wahhhhhh, it's gonna rain soon, no fun!" you huffed as you sat on the perch next to the window gazing out into the darkening sky. You had so hoped to go play outside today but as the weather started to change quickly you decided that wasn't an option, you instead started contemplating going to a friends house. "Who haven't I played with in awhile?" you pondered as you quickly ran outside your masters house and down the street, hoping to get to a house before it started to rain.Then it hit you, 2P!Canacat, you hadn't played with him in awhile and it was always fun to bug him. As you trotted down the road you heard a loud clap of thunder and then the rain started to fall, you quickly sprinted to get to 2P!Canacat's house hating the feeling of the water on your fur.

2P!Canacat sat by the fire as he watched the rain start to pour, it was a good time to nap he decided,seeing as 2P!Ollicat and his idiot brother 2P!Americat weren't around to bug the living hell out of him. He started to drift off into a peaceful sleep when he heard the cat door bang open, he quickly sprang into action with a fighting stance and claws bared. He stalked over to the front door only to see a shivering soaking wet ______ looking up at him, he quickly relaxed and let out an exasperated sigh "And why are you here,___?" You looked up at the huge male cat and meowed "Well I wanted to play with you today so I started over but got caught in the rain!" 2P!Canacat looked down at the small female cat in front of him, he couldn't let her go back outside, she's too delicate to face a storm like that. "Ugh come here _____, if you don't get dry you'll get sick" he said in a monotone voice as he lead you to the fireplace.

You complied and sat in front of the fire, not realizing how cold you really were, and then whimpering out of  the coldness. You curled into a ball trying to keep warm, and looked over at 2P!Canacat to see him staring at you with concern? You must be sick because that cat cares for NO ONE, he must just be worried about you dripping water or something....2P!Canacat looked over at ____, she's going to freeze soon if she doesn't get warm, and the fire isn't helping.He made a split decision and got up from his resting spot to walk over to you, you looked up at him with confusion on your face, but he just sat down and curled himself around you acting like a warm furry blanket.

"2P!Canacat, what are you doing?" you asked not comprehending what he was doing. He looked down at you with his violet eyes and said "If you don't warm up, you'll freeze to death" you were shocked by his sudden affection and quickly hid in his fur not wanting to look at him, "Besides if you die, I'd loose my playmate" he finished and then rested his head next to yours finally taking his nap.
ANOTHER ONE :iconsuperderpplz:

PICTURE BELONGS TO :iconcatsmoothie:

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