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February 24, 2013
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Swedencat ran around the house preparing for the new arrival, today his master was going to get him a little friend and he was positively ecstatic over having someone to play with. Swedencat didn't have many friends due to his intimidating aura, he always tried to befriend others but they just ran frightened from him all the time, so he was really hoping the new kitty his master was bringing home would like him.

    Swedencat had just finished up setting his favorite toys around the bed for the newcomer when his master walked in carrying a sleeping (h/c) kitten. Swedencat watched as his master laid down the kitten into the bed he had prepared, he trotted over to sit next to the angelic fluff-ball when his master started talking to him "Hey there buddy, this is _______,  you have to let her sleep  since she's young but after she wakes up you can play with her gently" Swedencat nodded and trotted off into his corner waiting for the little ____ to wake up so he could greet her.

    You were dreaming warm comforting dreams of milk and yarn when you started to drift into consciousness, you awoke to an unfamiliar room and you started to grow frightened. "Where am I!? Where's my mom?!?" you cried as you tried to curl up into a ball to get away from this place, "Shushhh little _____, don't cry" you heard a deep voice from behind you. You turned to see a humongous grey and white male cat with piercing blue eyes, and a scowl on his face that made you cry more, "WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU'RE SCARYYY" you cried even more and Swedencat seemed to panic.

"No don't cry I'm not here to hurt you little one" he cooed trying to make a smile when _____ stopped and looked at him, he sighed relieved that you had stopped crying. "Where am I?" you asked quietly and Swedencat answered gently "You're at your new home, I am Swedencat" You seemed to still be afraid of him so he bent down and grabbed a stuffed toy, placing it gingerly in front of you. Your curious (e/c) eyes glanced over the thing and you gently pawed at it, deciding it was fine you started to play with it and mewl happily.

Swedencat looked at the tiny little _____ with happiness as she played with his toy, he stepped up into the basket and laid down. _____ seeing this stopped playing with the toy and snuggled up into his furry warmth, not afraid one bit of this gentle giant. _____ soon fell asleep in the kitty embrace of her new friend, and not soon after so did Swedencat, happy that they had each other to play with.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7 months later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"________________!!!!" Swedencat yelled as he heard another crash from the living room, after the new kitten had warmed up to Swedencat he had realized that _____ was quite the trouble maker. She would constantly climb the curtains and claw the corners of the couch not to mention her little habit of hiding in high places and jumping down on people, she was a teeny devil and she had turned Swedencat's life around with her little antics. Swedencat trotted out to the living room to see yet another vase broken by ______, he sighed and looked over at her to get a "It was an accident" in response he shook his head and motioned for her to get away from the glass shards. Swedencat checked her for cuts or any damage, seeing none he scolded her "What do you think your doing? You could get hurt doing stupid things like that!" _______ looked at Swedencat and said "I'm sorry it was an accident" Swedencat just huffed and dismissed her, watching as she walked away with her tail between her legs. Swedencat felt bad that he scolded her, she deserved it, but still he hates seeing her unhappy.

Even if she did all this mischievous stuff he would still look after her and even take the blame if he could, because even if she was a little devil he would be empty without her. He trotted up behind ______ in her sulking spot and said "I'm sorry for scolding you ____, I just get worried"._______ looked at him and smiled "It's ok, I'm sorry for worrying you" he smiled down at _____ as she hopped back up regaining her cheer. "Swedencat lets race! READY SET GO!" and with that ____ was off down the hallway, Swedencat chuckled as he trotted behind her, letting her win.
Art trade with :iconnatthewerewolf:

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