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April 27, 2013
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Lutz ran through the crisp night air trying to take the edge off the vibrating energy coming off of him, your sleeping form had made him go insane with want and he needed to finish what he had started as soon as possible.

But tonight was not the night, no, he would wait until you had been riddled with the same intense feelings as he had and only then will he take you as he wants.

Lutz reached his house and quickly slinked inside and up into his bedroom, he couldn’t sleep but he figured he should plan his strategy for when his precious ______ came to him.

Strategy he thought as he willed himself not to propel himself back to that bedroom with _____, he wanted you to succumb to him entirely.

He sat in his bed just waiting for sunrise, and an inevitable step toward your surrender.

______ woke up frustrated and anxious due to last night’s activities, she wanted to find a certain German and have some “personal time”.

“Ughhhhhhhh” you moaned as you made your way downstairs, you made it to the kitchen when you were faced with your zio Louise.

“What’s wrong bambina?” he questioned as he took in your disgruntled form and scowling face, you quickly muttered “nothing and went to open the fridge.

“I was not born yesterday bambina” your zio said in an amused tone as he sat on the couch in the other room, you just continued to drink milk and ignored him.

“By the way, you should tell Lutz not to make such noise when he jumps from your window, your papa might make it up the stairs faster next time” you choked on your drink to face your zio as he chuckled at your face.

“As I said bambina, I was not born yesterday, and you should be careful I would hate to have to kill Lutz because he hurt my beautiful niece” your zio stated as he sauntered over to engulf you in a hug, “I will not tell your papa because I believe you need to have an experience for once, but that does not mean I will not totally kill anyone who hurts you”.

You laughed into your zio’s chest and hugged him back, “I love you zio”.

He laughed and looked down “You better, I am too fabulous for you not to, now go get dressed the Axis is meeting here today”

You quickly sprang into action and got dressed in acceptably pretty- but –not-too-sexy-cause-daddy-will-yell type of clothes and looked out your window to see the trio come up and over the hill.

You stayed up in your room as the initial meeting was going on, but as soon as you heard them start to lounge you decided to make your appearance.

“Hello papa! How was your day?” you greeted your father with a hug and he smiled warmly down at you as he explained how his plans were going according to plan and other various war strategies.

You smiled and listened but then turned to greet the other two members of the group, Kuro respectably greeted you with his usual professional tone, but Lutz looked as though he wanted to devour you with his eyes.

You hid your excitement with a brief hello and then a retreat, leaving him wanting is just the revenge you wanted for the unfulfilling night you had recently.

You laughed a laugh full of feminine pride as you saw his face of longing from the kitchen as you purposely swayed your hips; he seemed to grow annoyed at your enjoyment of this.

“Too bad” you muttered to yourself as you went out to the garden you laid in your usual spot for sunbathing and basked in the sun happily.

“Teasing is not nice ______” Lutz growled as he stood over you in a way that made something inside you start to melt.

“I believe it’s time for me to take what you are offering” he purred.
man am I tired
I don't own you hetalia or the picture
CH 4:[link]
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“I believe it’s time for me to take what you are offering” he purred.

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Shit just got serious
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