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March 5, 2013
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Today was the Festa della Repubblica* in Italy and all the parades were in full swing, Lutz and his comrades watched the festivities from their perch atop one of the rustic Italian houses. “Oi look at all the fun their having!” Louise squealed as his brother Luciano scowled, “Ti odio, I will push you off this roof if you don’t shut up”

The blonde turned around and pouted as the blonde German grunted and ignored the Italians constant bickering. Lutz looked out onto the street watching all the happiness and colors flash by, feeling what can only be close to longing, wanting to feel the emotions he observed from the roof. “Hey Luciano I’m going to go get a beer” Lutz called out as he hopped down from the roof with cat-like grace, not waiting for a reply he took off into the crowd heading toward the towns square.

Lutz’s violet eyes swept the crowd as he watched an act go across the towns square, his eyes lingered on a particular female with shining (h/c) hair and beautiful (e/c) eyes who danced as if she was the breeze flowing and twisting perfectly to the beat of the music. This woman looked as if she were no mere mortal, like she had been transported here to tantalize the human race with her perfection; Lutz just couldn’t stop staring at this female and his heart felt as though it had been struck with lightning.

As if she knew that he was staring at her orbs collided with his through the crowd and his breath hitched in his thought, she smirked at him and turning she went on her merry way leaving Lutz to watch her hips move as she sashayed away. “Mien Gott, she is a goddess”  he whispered and then shook himself out of it to go follow the mysterious maiden,  he followed her through the town as she danced and swayed with such perfection.  

Lutz had barely noticed that it was nearing sunset, meaning he had been following her the entire day, he had lost track of reality as he watched her; he did not ever want to loose sight of such a wonder.  Finally as he felt he might go insane without knowing her name she twirled over to his very spot and looked him directly in the face, “Ciao sir, my name is ____ I am glad you like my dancing seeing as you’ve been stalking me” ____ said with a smirk.

Lutz had no reply other than “Mien name is Lutz” Again _____ smirked and giggled “But I already knew that” Confusion swirled in his mind as he tried to formulate how she knew him until he heard a shout from is allies, “Lutz! There you are!” He turned to face Luciano and Kuro who looked at him with annoyance, Luciano looked behind Lutz and a smile lighted his features, “Ahhhh my dear little bambina, how was your day?” Luciano cooed as he came over to kiss ____ forehead. Lutz growled at his comrade and Luciano looked up angry, “Why were you talking to my daughter?”
OMGGG ART TRADE WITH :iconblakkillerkat:
Festa della Repubblica is the holiday of when Italy became a Republic , VERY BIG PARADES AND FESTIVALS but very pretty

CH 2:[link]
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Lutz is stalking you +50 attractive points
You are Luciano's daughter + over 9 million awesomeness points!
xD lol
LOVE IT! !!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
gab226789 Feb 5, 2014  Student Writer
Big Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2] is it sad that I feel weird when I look at that picture at the top
Nope you're not the only one Lutz has a nice ass
Black-Fire-Tazz Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Dat ass
is it sad that i imagining Lutz twerking infront of me while im strapped to the bed as he is saying "Come and get me frau"Perv plz 
CanadaHeta Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
yyyyeeeeeesssssssssss me gusta mucho!!!!
CanadaHeta Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
XD I could just see it now get a me gusta face with a curl and a mustache
that's Romano
Ohhhh s*** Lutz just talked to Luciano's daughter. S***s gonna go down.
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