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February 3, 2013
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 The rest of your day could be summed up into one word,HELL complete and utter hell, everywhere you looked he'd be there. That handsome devil who had his eyes on you had tormented you the ENTIRE DAY, you'd turn a corner and his smirk would be there every time just waiting for you to see it. You were at your wits end, but you'd never give in to him, and he knew that.

You had finally made it to lunch and you just wanted the day to be over already, everyone had avoided you all day because of that creep Jason and his "Touch my girl and die" or "Did you just look at my property?" and who could forget his all time favorite "Come over here dollface and show everyone who's your daddy" which earned him a slap (which sadly only made him more excited).

You scanned the lunchroom for any signs of Jason before getting your lunch and sitting next to your friend. She sat there eating happily while you glared and hissed at her, "Do you know what you've done to me!? Have you seen what he's been doing?!" you growled lowly at your peppy friend who seemed unfazed by your rage.

"Oh _____, you know you love it, he's EXACTLY what you wanted and then some, get happy and go get some!" she giggled as you turned every shade of red in the spectrum and then some.You growled and picked up an apple before biting angrily into it and turning to your giggling friend once more, "Nuh-uh, I said I want some intellectual quality too but I have yet to see it so HAH!" you laughed triumphantly. Your friend shook her head and got up beckoning you to follow her, you were confused but followed her anyway, she stopped in front of the advanced biology room before pointing inside.

You looked and were amazed at what you saw, Jason was literally teaching the class! You gaped in the window before turning to your friend "Whhhaaaaaa???" you asked her and she sighed "______, I was walking by the class when I saw that the teacher Mr. Doolittle, ya'know the one who has the stick up his butt?, he ran out of the classroom screaming and I half expected someone to be dead in the classroom" she giggled and continued "But when I looked inside Jason was teaching the class, even better than the teacher did!"

You gaped at Jason through the window wondering what you should do, he did sound like the perfect guy to you, and you couldn't help the warm tingles in your stomach when you saw him. "UGHHHHHHHH, WHY IS HE SO PERFECT?!" you screamed to the heavens, but then quickly clamped a hand over your mouth realizing you might have alerted him to your presence.
You looked into the door again to see him smirking right at you before getting up and starting to stroll over to you,you panicked and ran down the hallway leaving your friend behind while she called out behind you "You can't run from it forever ____!".

You laughed as you continued running till you reached the empty courtyard, sighing thinking you had escaped, you were wrong."So dollface, I heard ya think I'm perfect" you heard the dark voice next to your ear as you spun around to meet a handsome smirking devil.

He caught you in his arms making sure you couldn't run again before leaning down and kissing your neck. You shivered as you felt his silk like lips touch your neck and you instantly stopped trying to fight."Not so bad, is it dollface?" Jason whispered onto your skin as he continued to kiss your neck with such tenderness your knees felt weak.

You leaned down and kissed his cheek chastely to see what he would do. He stiffened for a moment before standing up straight and looking down at you through his sunglasses. He then slid his sunglasses up on his head and you gasped, his eyes were a startling shade of red and you were instantly drawn deep into them. He stared at you intensely with his smoldering red eyes before leaning down and giving you a lip bruising kiss, which you returned gladly. He nipped at your lips asking for entrance and for once you didn't put up a fight and let him in, his tongue slid over yours and you felt a tongue piercing slide on the roof of your mouth causing you to shiver at the foreign feeling.

You two stayed lip locked for a good fifteen minutes just memorizing each others everything in the process, then the sound of a bell ringing brought you back to reality. "Oh god, I gotta get to class" you said but was captured by Jason and dragged into the parking lot, "W-What are you doing?" you stammered as he reached his bike and got onto it. He looked up smirking at you and said "I'm taking my girl out, what does it look like? School can wait" You don't know if it's the fact that he's your dream guy or the heavy make out session you two had but you climbed onto the back of the bike without a second thought. "Hold on babe, I'm gonna take you for a wild ride tonight" he snicked as he pulled out of the parking lot on his motorcycle. Oh god, what had you gotten into?
YAY NEXT CHAPTER :iconlaaaplz:
CHAPTER 3: [link]
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