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January 23, 2013
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"Come on ______! You have never been on a date with ANYONE from our school, just do it once pleaaasssseeee" your friend whined at you as you two walked to lunch."Well that is because no one fits my standards here,every guy here is just so, borrring" you huffed at your pleading friend, it was true, the guys at your school were just carbon copies of one another and it was just boring. Besides you didn't need a guy right now, guys had a tendency to bore you with they're utterly predictable nature and inability to have a intelligent conversation without adding sex to it.

High school guys were just boring, and unappealing to you in general, you promised yourself you would never settle for anything that was even remotely like them.Your friend kept persisting that you needed to have a love life but you always deflected and hid behind your studies, fan fiction, or anime not really caring for a boyfriend if this was the selection you had. It's not like you were a loner or nerd, it was just that you were fine being solo, not needing to depend on a boyfriend and not really liking the conventional "high school experience" as your friend called it. Plus it's not like you were a normal girl in your high school, you liked light sabers instead of blonde highlights, graphic tee's instead of booty shorts and you would take a new book over a guy any day.

Your friend jumped in front of you effectively stopping you so you had to listen to her "Ok listen, tell me your type, and if I find a guy that fits the criteria you HAVE to go out on a date with him. Aww crap, you sighed seeing the determination in your friends face and knowing she wouldn't let it go till you told her, "Finne, but it's a BIG if you find this guy ok?" Your friend beamed and nodded excitedly waiting for you to spew the details as you two continued to lunch."Ok first off,he's got to be tough, maybe a bad boy type" your friend wiggled her eyebrows suggestively "Ohhhh _____ I never knew you were so hardcore~" you ignored her statement and kept the list going "A motorcycle would be pretty awesome, he must be good looking,umm, piercings are acceptable, he MUST, and this is a big must, be able to reach me on my intellectual level so we can actually talk without me becoming annoyed annnd that's it"  you finished as you grabbed your lunch and sat down at a table with your friend. She giggled and laughed "So you want a smart bad boy with piercings that is also a sex god!" you choked on your food and stammered out "I-I n-never said anything about sex!" She laughed at your red face and giggled "I am just adding that in there for later~If ya' know what I mean~" you groaned and ignored her suggestive comments and returned to your lunch, it's not like she'll ever find a guy here you live in the blandest place in the world.

You went home later that day and plopped on your bed exhausted with today's events. You couldn't get the idea of your dream guy out of your mind really, it made you feel sad that there was a 99.99% chance that you would never meet that guy of your dreams, yes he wasn't the conventional prince charming type but you weren't a damsel in distress type either so it was perfect. You turned over and stared at your ceiling longingly as if it could grant your wish or something, you felt like you were in a rut, doing the same bland things everyday all day, you wanted more out of life than...this. You jumped up and walked over to your window staring out into the sky daydreaming of your future and hoping for change, when a shooting star flew across the night sky like a sign to you. You chuckled and thought 'why the hell not, just wish the cliche thing of your dream guy it's not like the things work' so you wished for your bad boy and laughed at the notion of wishing on a flaming rock before falling into a exhausted coma on your bed.

You woke up with a start looking at the clock freaking out, you had overslept! You shot out of bed and pulled on a pair of purple skinny jeans putting a signature batman shirt over your head and pulling your (hair color,type) hair into a ponytail before rushing out the door and sprinting to school. You had reached the school and ran into the parking lot skidding to a stop when you saw a sweet motorcycle parked into one of the spaces, you assessed the bike with admiration for a few seconds before realizing where you were and high tailing it into the school during passing time to not get caught. You blended into the crowd for the most part, other than the people who knew you who were laughing at the whole thing,That is  when you heard your friend yell something that made you stop in your tracks.

"HEYYYYYYYY ________!!!! GUESS WHAT YOU HERMIT?! I FOUND HIMMMMM!! COME HERE AND MEET HIM!!" you turned around to a hyperactive friend down the hall next to a boy you had NEVER seen before in your life. He had auburn hair, really tan skin, eyebrow and lip piercings, a nice face but you couldn't see his eyes due to his sunglasses, a dark bomber jacket on and a devastating smirk on his face as he stared at you from the end of the hall. Oh dear lord, your wish had come true, he couldn't have been better looking and you were betting the bike outside was his, you were so overloaded with how down to a tee he was to your ideal image of the dream guy you didn't hear your friend yelling "GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE YOU PROMISED!!! HE SAID YES NOW GO GO GO GO GO!" she was jumping up and down, and the mysterious dream guy started to walk down the hall towards you. Your brain imploded and you did the only thing you could do and started to walk backwards as he slowly descended towards your cornered self.

He reached you and literally made sure you couldn't run from him, he smirked at your wide eyes and started to talk in a smooth dark voice that sent shivers up and down your spine "Hello there dollface, my name's Jason, my brother and I just moved into town" all you could do is gawk at Jason and his,well, everything. His smirk grew at your silence and he leaned closer to you earning a squeak surprise from you,"And it just so happens that I heard I'm your "dream guy", as your little friend put it, and after I saw you dollface I think I wanna get to know you a little more" You blushed madly at this not being able to comprehend what was going down, and not being able to think in general. Jason put his hand up to your face and said "Aww, you look so cute when you blush, ya'know I never got your name dollface"

You shook your head snapping out of your trance and stood up straight shaking his hand off, "My name is ______, and don't go touching me like that; I barely know you. And as for you being my "dream guy", we'll see, because all I know right now is that you seem like a total asshat. Now if you excuse me, I have classes to go to." And with that, you huffed off down the hall, leaving a stunned Jason behind you. Jason smirked after you liking that temper of yours, and making a mental note that you'd be his, whether you like it or not.
You walked into study hall and quickly beelined it for your friend who was awaiting you at a far off table. You threw yourself down into a seat and glared daggers at her, she didn't care and asked the obvious question "Sooooo, how'd it go?" you threw you hands up into the air and said "I felt like prey! He stalked up to me and cornered me! I didn't even get to see his eyes! Why'd you pick me out a possible murderer?" she chuckled and said "Now how did you REALLY feel about the guy?" you blushed and sat back crossing your arms before giving up,"I-I felt butterflies and sparks and stuff..."

Your friend squealed as you admitted a crush, and you shushed her trying not to draw attention to yourself, "I'm so glad you feel sparks for me babe" a cool dark voice said next to your ear and you jumped turning to face Jason's smirking face. "And just so you know, the attractions mutual" You blushed and stuttered before the librarian stormed over to the table "Miss ____! What is the meaning of all this chaos?" she said as her icy glare pierced you,before you could mutter out a excuse Jason popped in with "Nothing, I just had to say hi to my girl, but now I'm leaving" Your soul escaped your body as you heard the words "my girl" come out of this strangers mouth, the librarian stormed away giving a warning, and Jason turned to you. "I don't know you, I'm not your girl" you growled at him and he only chuckled " We'll see about that, I am your dream guy remember?" he turned and headed out leaving you flustered and utterly confused with your feelings, all you could do was hear his words over and over in your head "We'll see about that" you knew with those words there'd be trouble but on the inside you were excited by his words even if you couldn't ever admit it out loud.
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That gif makes me laugh so hard..
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wtf with that gif xD totally made me lose my train of thought xD 

it was something like : america may be adorable but 2p america is just plain sexy~~~~~
EleosL Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh holy god and Jesus christ! More more more! I'll keep on reading!
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And a sex god he is ;) ~
Oh darn it my pervy side is coming out
This also sounds like my friend Hannah
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This is so cute! Really creative and 2p! America was in character the whole time! And where did you find that gif in the description that looks like a perverted dancing pea!?
Madelin3Williams Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm confused? Because 2p! America's official name is Allen but his nickname is Al, America's name is Alfred and so I'm confused on where the name Jason came from
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<-------------------3--------------------> mk *jumps of mountain then re-spawns* i like the story so far :3
LunAFuture39 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014
I like it! But I thought his name was Allen not Jason. Is there a reason it's Jason or is it just cause u didn't know his name?
People have different names for him such as Al, Allen, Alfred or Jason. I prefer to use Jason but I suppose you could go for which ever you like ^^
LunAFuture39 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
Oh ok! That makes sense!
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