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January 6, 2013
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You and your friend had been staying in the house for about a week, you both had fun just running around the house doing god knows what or going outside and pretending to punch imaginary moose. But the most fun thing (In your opinion) was when Matt was around, he was so mysterious, he had barely ever spoken to you but you were enthralled by him. Your friend often made fun of you for having a crush on a him since you had just met him, but you didn't care. So your vacation sailed on without a hitch, creepy Mountie and all, until one rainy day where you both had to stay inside, you decided to have a pillow fight (which was totally action movie epic).

You had just settled down for a siesta after an epic pillow fight with your friend. As soon as you started to dose off you were shaken awake by your frightened friend," HOLY SHIZ,_____,there is a tan kid with red eyes sitting in the living room, HE TRIED TO TOUCH MY BUTT!" Oh for the love of god, more strangers in the house? AND he tried to touch my best friends ass! AWW HELLZ NAH, you quickly told your friend to stay in your room while you grabbed a lamp from the nearby end table. With your weapon you slowly creeped to the living room, you saw the red eyed boy,he had a bomber jacket on (which had blood spattered on it) and sunglasses on his head,he looked like a killer you thought with a shiver. Are all people in Canada so dang scary?

Scary killer or not, you defend your friend, you stayed around a corner watching him closely for a few minutes. Once you felt it was the right time you quickly (and quietly) commando crawled to behind the couch he was sitting at." I wonder where my doll went, maybe I'll go chase her down" the stranger said on the couch, "That's it" you thought, you sprung up and quickly smashed the lamp on top of the strangers head. You succeeded in knocking the villain out, he fell to the floor with a thump. That's when Matt walked in, he looked at you, then to the boy then back at you. He started to burst into laughter and you were startled,"W-What's so funny? There is an intruder in our house and he grouped my friend!" you said with a huff."H-He's my b-brother,Jason" he got out between fits of laughter, you paled, you had just knocked the daylights out of the scary Mountie of hotness's brother. "I'm soooo sorry!" you quickly said, you felt so embarrassed at your actions, Matt just laughed and said "No problem but you might want to stick close to me when he wakes up", you got scared,"Why?" you asked in a small voice. He nodded over to the bloody,oh god, bat with nails sticking out of it "He might hit you with that, and I wouldn't want to see such a pretty face messed up" he said as he sat down on the couch, you blushed, he called you pretty!

Your happiness was short lived though because Jason started to wake up. You quickly ran over to where Matt was sitting and sat as close to him as possible, Matt seemed to like how you cowered behind him on the couch and you blushed even more. Jason got up in a angry push, he scanned the room till his eyes fell on your form behind Matt. He growled and started to advance with his killer bat,"Are you the little bitch who knocked me out?!?" he roared at you. As he got closer Matt stood up between you and Jason, grabbed Jason  by the neck and got close to his face. "Yes she did, you better stay away from her and her friend, or I'll kill you" You were shocked at Matt, he defended you like he was your boyfriend, if you weren't so scared you might have actually blushed."Why are you defending the little bitch? She deserves a good beating" Jason snarled into his brother's face, Matt tightened his grip on Jason's neck and said " Because ______ is MY girl, if i ever see you even looking at her I'll kill you" With that Matt released his brother from the choke hold, walked over to where you were and sat down. You were shocked by his declaration and couldn't wrap your mind around what just happened. Matt just looked down on you with a smirk, he started to lean down close to your face and you nearly stopped breathing. He got so close your noses almost touched and you could feel his breath fanning your eyelids as you closed them. His lips breezed over your lips once, twice, three times before finally connecting fully with yours.You wrapped your arms around his wide shoulders and pulled him closer, you two lost track of time when you kissed, it could have been seconds,minutes or hours before you two broke apart for air. Your pants mingled in the air between you two as you stared into his purple eyes as he stared into your (EYE COLOR) ones."I meant what I said _____, your mine" he said gruffly as he started to nuzzle your neck. You blushed furiously at his bold words of claim, you were about to ask why when you heard your friend scream from her room "______, THE CREEPY RED EYED MOLESTER IS IN MY ROOM HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!!" Matt exhaled an angry sigh and grabbed his hokey stick heading for your friends room,"JASON PREPARE TO DIE!" Matt yelled from the hallway, you chuckled at this and heard a bunch of commotion and what sounded like ass kicking.You definitely decided this was the best vacation, ever.

Hope ya guys liked it!

Comment, I do not own hetalia OR you.
Epilogue? Maybe?

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englandlover279 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Student General Artist
XD that end i love it
AnimeKitty2014 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014
Holy crap im laughing so hard i think i may die.
animaniac102 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!  Matt exhaled an angry sigh and grabbed his hokey stick heading for your friends room,"JASON PREPARE TO DIE!"
SARAMCLENDON Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student General Artist
SHIT MAN that is awsome
mjk7073 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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Desichapa545 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
can u just get the lamp again and knock him out permantely......
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